Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nothing better than spending time with Arthy & Anee!

Arth & Chad Hanging out whatching March Madness

Aunt Karyn and Dylan have a nice talk!

Uncle Chad & Dylan just hanging out

Aunt Dani & Lauren

Dylan meets his new cousin Lauren

Anee & Lauren in St. Joe, MI

Grandpa Russell meets Lauren for the first time!

Lauren loves her Papa

Nannie & Lauren

Lauren & Aunt Stacey

Katherine & Uncle Cooter

Best Friends

Lauren loves her Bubba's

Little "Meatball"

Mom & Lauren

Melissa, Ryan, Karyn and Lauren

Lunch @ Lipuma's

Andrew's big 6th B-Day Party

Uncle David & Lauren

Best Friends!

Papa & his Grand Babies

Aunt Ju Ju & Lauren

Uncle David & Aunt Ju Ju

Uncle Todd & Lauren

Lauren meeting cousin Andrew

Bath time @ Nannie's & Papa's

Thursday, March 12, 2009